Hey guys

I just started a new project called Run Rodent Run and thought I'd post it here in the R&R for you guys to check out. I used to frequent these boards and the pit but I lost that account information.

It's all simplistic folk stuff

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I'm not really into folksy stuff but.... I like 'AirLine' - kinda reminiscent of the Violent Femmes Love your voice in this. 'Big Pirate Ship' and 'I Am The Rain' are a bit .... sparse for my taste. Love the bass line in 'I'm The Desert', nice use of dynamics too.

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Big pirate ship - Like your voice in this. Could see how proper backing instruments could make this a killer track. But hey, sometimes is simple is good. I believe this is the case here, with claps suitably accompanying the vox.

Airline - Good voice in this too. Simple acoustic backing, but suitable for this type of music. Good indeed, reminds me of 50s 60s music... the catchy music that is.

I am the rain - This is abit too short for me sry, needs more backing. But i like the voice once again here.

I'm the desert - I like the bass line a lot here, and it backs the acoustic guitar very well here. Vox good AGAIN!

Valentine - Nice acoustic part, with good chord sequence. Nice use of dynamics in vocal melody here. I like how strumming pattern has developed over time.

Glass eye - I like the lyrics on this one prob best, the acoustic guitar really defines your overall style in all the songs. You know what i'm going to say about vox again...

Overall, very good songs... just from these i get a good indication of your unique style.
For some reason, these remind me a lot of the old folksy music in 50s.

Plz can you comment on the midi songs i have on my profile (so i can perfect them ready for recording).

Keep it up!
This is definitely a style of music I'm not familiar with....so unfortunately I don't have a lot of constructive criticism as to how improve or anything like that. All I can say is that it was an interesting view into a genre I was previously unaware of! Cool concepts...different feels
hey aj i'll be checking your stuff in the morning as well.

severhead. yeah. i'm not a very mainstream upper level artist.

glad i could expose you i guess?

thanks for all the kind words
Thx 'runrodentrun'... look forward to hearing more of your tunes...and i'll be adding you
Nice work. I like simple acoustic & vocal songs like these.

Couple notes:

- Big Pirate Ship was a fresh sound, only using claps and vocals. I liked it, it was new.

- On I'm the Desert, I think the guitar is mixed too low, it's difficult to hear at times.

I like what I heard. If I can suggest one thing, it would be to have the volume of the guitar track up just a little bit more so some spots don't get lost under your vocals.
it's all improvised music, so it's all just one mic into the mixer... i can't really readjust levels
Good stuff, you have a unique voice, you should try to get some proper vocal training though, sometimes it sounds like you're a little bit out of breath, but it also adds character to your sound which is a good thing.

Your progressions are good, it sounds like you have a lot of blues influence, some better recording equipment and mastering would help clean up these songs but other than that it sounds solid, keep it going.
I always avoided vocal training, I've done some of the online help things but other than that I think it kind of helps me keep a semi unique voice