I got this guitar as a gift from a longtime friend, and i've never been able to quite figure out what make it is. I suspect it's a cheap Wal-Mart brand, mostly because it's a Strat clone, and the body isn't the greatest quality. It was black, but a friend of mine redid the paint job a while back.

If anyone knows, that would be awesome.
After looking on the Wal Mart website, maybe it is a Silvertone? Is the fancy scrawled B a custom decal?
The fancy scrawled B isn't custom, it came on there.

I have a Silvertone, it has the word "Silvertone" written across the headstock, and the headstock is black, like the body. So I know it's not a Silvertone. Doesn't even sound like one, even though I play on the silvertone's amp.

Judging by the cursive B on the headstock i'd say its one of those unknown pawn shop brands.

I'd like to figure exactly which unknown pawn shop brand it is, though.
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