Hey guys, new here, and I was just wondering if I could ask a quick question.
I've been meaning to get a looper pedal for a while now, and now that I've finally come up with the money I've decided to get the Boss RC20XL. But I'm not sure if it'll be compatible with my amp.

It's a Laney LA30C Acoustic and I've heard bad things about amp damage when mixing the wrong things together. It's got an insert and line out, as well as active and passive guitar inputs if that means anything... Yeah, I'm pretty noob when it comes to guitar tech.
So, if anyone could give me an answer, that would be great.
Looking forward to being a member of Ultimate Guitar
I'm not sure where you heard that pedals can damage amps, but I've never heard of it happening. Theoretically, it could happen with
-octave pedal really loud blowing a speaker
-insanely powerful (i.e. nothing you'll find at guitar center) boost/od into a cheap SS amp
-Oscillating delay into a powerful boost into a very loud amp blowing a speaker
-being an idiot and putting a pedal in between a head and a cab (I have seen this before :eek

So, no, that will be just fine. You really have to be trying hard or very, very unfamiliar with pedals to screw an amp up.
haha, alright, thanks guys!
Like I said, I'm pretty new to the technological aspect of guitars.
I'd only gotten an amp just a few months ago, yet have been playing for 2 years now.
So, seeing all these pedals and stations and what not is a little... intimidating and confusing for the first time.