Hi. I want to know who's your favourite guitarist and bassist and your favourite solos.
Here is my Top Five List of guitarists:

Randy Rhoads
BB King
Tommy Emmanuel
Dave Murray
Adrian Smith

The best bassist is in my opinion Markus Grosskopf

And here is my Top Fifteen List of Solos:

Iron Maiden-The Lonliness Of A Long Distance Runner,1st solo
Iron Maiden-Sea Of Madness
Iron Maiden-Dance Of Death,All solos
Helloween-Eagle Fly Free,Bass solo(Nice)
Helloween-A Tale That Wasn't Right,Both solos
Helloween-Lavdate Dominvm,2nd solo
Ozzy Osbourne-Crazy Train
Ozzy Osbourne-Mr.Crowly,Both solos
Metallica-Nohting Else Matters
Metallica-Master Of Puppets,1st solo
JerryC-Canon Rock
This is not the right place I think, but Helloween and Iron Maiden rock
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