i just recently got a guitar
maybe 2 months ago

the epiphone les paul prophecy gx

anyways this guitar is has a beutiful black cherry finish and i could not spot any visual problems until i looked at the fretboard right underneath the graphite nut.

it seems as if sumone with long nails scratched into the ebony fingerbaord about a half a cm down in 3 sepreated places

it also seems as if i can peel the marks off
but i don't want to destroy my guitar and i am very cautiaus

if sumone could tell me what this is and if it is serious and what i should do about it


James =D

Sounds strange
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Are you sure it is not dirt and oil from your fingers? Dirt and oil will collect on the fret board between the strings and look like dark marks on the wood. If you clean it with Lemon Oil like was suggested it should come off with no problem.

no the guitar is like super new so i don't think it would be dirt

cuz if its durt my fingers would have to be like playing thier
but its right underneath the nut

its getting worse now

u can see into the wood as in the wood is rotting away??

wierd isn't it
Pics are necessary for diagnosis.

It's definitely not lupus.
The guitar is 2 months old so it could be dirt.

Just get some pics up so we can see what you are talkin about.
EDIT: Nevermind, I read that wrong. -_-;
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ya srry i tried uploading a pic earlier but it said the file was too big

im gonna take it to a guitar place over the weekend

but if it is detirating fretboard

is it serious

do i have to return it to epiphone?
yea you might just need to oil your board. i've heard some people say to use lemon oil (lemon seed oil??? i'm sure which it is) but i've also heard some people say to avoid it. there's another kind of oil that i can't think of right now (not tung oil)...
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Try uploading to photobucket or something, but it probably just needs to be oiled. If it's maple shouldn't need oiled, but I don't know if they even make maple necked epis.

^Might be thinking of linseed oil?
hmm i asked sum luthier near me
and he said it was cuz of the way the ppl cut the fretboard to put the nut in

he said they weren't taking thier time with it and that it would take 200 dollars to repair it

so im gonna try to get this returned to epiphone or exanged if i can