Hi everyone.
Im trying to sell a some of my guitar rig. I have received this propuse My blackstar ht for a marshall valvestate 65 with footswitch+ zoom zoomg2.1u + cubese (i guess this is pirate) + guitar cable. Is this a good deal? I need an amp with more power for jamms with drummers. Is the valvestate able to play with drums?
no i would definitely not recommend it. The AVTs sound really good at lower to mid volumes but lose control when at high volumes. If you want an amp to play with drums you need something with all-valves. a vox AC30 (all-valve) would be enough to play with drums, where as a 100 Watt solid state amp may not be loud enough. know what i'm saying...
but about the trade...do you think i get a good deal, even though is not a amp to play in a band situation ?
no even if you didn't want to play in a band situation, the blackstar ht is better than any AVT. I should know because i have an AVT 100.
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Generally, IMO, hybrid amps suck.

But if you can't afford an all tube amp, you could still get a SS amp with enough power to play with a band. Won't sound as good as an all tube amp but it will do if your on a budget
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