I've been playing guitar solidly for around three years now (with a teacher), and although I have come a long way from not being able to hit a power chord, I still suck hard.

Tonight I was going to record something for the "need halp - technique analysis" thread. I think it's my practice routine that needs changing. Really all I've been doing is working through songs that my guitar teacher sets me, and lately I've been doing the spider exercise (which I think has had positive effect). Tonight I've really been scrutinising my playing, and I've been playing something easy and will suddenly **** something up which I find easy, but I think that's just how annoyed I am (and it's at a speed which is totally comfortable btw)

Anyway, I'm playing along and suddenly I have this epiphany. "I've been playing for three years and I still suck". BOOM! major leverage, I decide to get this **** handled, I hit up the UG forums for the first time in ages (will probably start contributing here again) and here I am now. I might even stop taking lessons with my current teacher once I get my own practice schedule down (as opposed to just running through the same **** time and time again).

I'm not looking for a magic-pill practice routine, I know that there will be things that I'll need to work on more than others, and that this routine won't auto-fix everything. But this is something I need to get handled, I picked up the guitar because I listened to Maiden's "Rock In Rio" (even though I don't really listen to much metal these days, the pretence still stands) and I wanted to be there, playing in a band, not in my room. Listening to that album was a landmark point in my life, like your first kiss, or your first day of school. Beautiful. Not that I don't enjoy playing in my room, but at the end of the day, bedroom noodling is a means to an end for me personally (I don't necessarily want a career out of it though)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPkg86-MJHM - Spider Exercise
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_cRmzWYW2Q - Clean Gilbert Stuff
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_QFXoiN-iBU - Retarded Lead of same song
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9T_6YiS4Ctg - Hallowed be Thy Name

^^^ here are my vids^^^^

I'd really appreciate pointers, or specific exercises to practice. Would be crazy-helpful. Cheers guys (and girls).

Also, on the paul gilbert lead sample, if you could give any pointers on getting a tone more like the actual song, that would be awesome.
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I'm in your boat only I've not been playing for 3 years but I also need to change my daily routine.
Not that I'm in a position to criticize lol, but if nobody else is going to:

Seems to have a few duff notes in it, where you're either not fretting the notes cleanly or your hands aren't quite in synch. There's some unmuted open strings ringing out in the solo too. I'd slow it right down and get it really clean. Watch your bends too - really listen to what you're playing to make sure you're hitting your target note.

Basically, slow down and focus on accuracy and playing cleanly.
Nice tone
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If you've been with a teacher for 3 years I think now is definitely the time to start playing/learning by yourself. Maybe that's what's frustrating you? Can you play those whole songs or just the intro parts? If it's just the intro parts then try learning the whole song, look them up on the archive here and download guitar pro 5, and maybe there will be a guitar pro tab for it. Then you can start off slowly by dropping the tempo. If it's still too difficult to play smoothly, try an easier song and come back to it.
Need to make sure you fret the notes cleanly.

Play a Cort ?

Play with V-Picks ?

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To me it looks like you're having trouble fretting notes cleanly, performing transitions between fretted notes (it doesn't sound smooth) and your picking hand looks very uncomfortable.
This is all my opinion but my advice to you would be:
- One thing I'd take a look at is your left hand positioning, in the spider video I can see your wrist is bent quite a lot. Try and keep your wrist as straight as possible, it shouldn't be necessary to bend more than about 45 degrees with your wrist at any time.
- Second thing is to make sure you're picking right. Relax your arm and hand and just hover it over the strings, make sure you're comfortable. When you pick try and move only your wrist and using SMALL motions do a consistant down-up-down-up picking pattern on one string. You can move your arm to change strings but the picking itself should all be from the wrist. Comfortable and relaxed is important here!
- Third is to really slow down, make sure you're picking the strings at the same time as your finger frets the note and release the fret the moment the note's meant to end. Make sure open strings don't ring out when you release the fret. Go as slow as you need to to play it perfectly.

Hope I helped
Watched the Gilbert video, try and have all of the notes ring out throughout the chord instead of stopping them, especially the bass notes, they give you the proper feel.

Your picking hand looks rather uncomfortable too, try positioning it like Gilbert does.