Long time no see.
This song was clearly inspired by August Burns Red. It has some ****ty lyrics too, not to take it seriously.
The song is about cheating on your girlfriend, sadly, inspired from a true story happened to myself.

Do you have the guts to live together happily after the event , to live the rest of your life in a lie, or you just tell everything?
If you are in true love, like me, you must choose the first one. And confess yourself in a song like this.

Will do crit for crit.
sounds pretty good i want to hear it with real instruments though. it sounds a little light for ABR. i really wouldnt change anything except for the way you ended it. it nedds like a bigger sounding ending.it sounds real good.keep up the good work.

Check out my songs in my profile. The one thats incomplete was ABR inspired. please comment and listen.
Dude, two words... OH SH*T!!!!

Intro - Amazing clean, sounded familiar, like The Bleeding by Five Finger Death Punch

Pre-Verse 1 - Really cool, very heavy feel to it, it's really need

Verse 1 - I drooled a little this is really amazing lol I picked up my guitar to learn it.

Breakdown - Had a really nice feel to it, it's really good, I would love to hear some screamo over it.

Verse 2 - Doesn't really do verse 1 justice, it should be a little heavier to me, then the chorus, is a nice change into melody, beautiful.

Breakdown - Not too interesting to me, I was sort of on the edge of my seat for it to be over really, sorry.

Interlude, it would've been nice to have a little variation, I like it the way it is, but you could've done so much more with it.

Bridge - was really cool.

Verse 3 - Felt like it drug on a little from the Bridge...

Chorus - Had a nice feel to it still.

Chorus 2 - I didn't think adding another instrument was enough to kill the repetition

Breakdown - It's still kinda boring right here... Sorry

8/10 relaly good work mate.
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