I have a jackson DK2, it has a jackson licensed floyd rose. It's tuned to E and locked in at the neck, can I use the fine tuner to put it in drop D? How would I go about putting it in D?
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no, you cant/shouldn't use the fine tuners for that.

loosen the nut, make all the fine tuners even with each other so that they are about halfway in the FR, then, tune the strings in this order to D standard: low E, high E, A, B, D, G. Do that about 3 times until they stay in tune. then tighten the nut (not too much tho, to force it) and use the fine tuners for any small pitch adjustment.

EDIT: Sorry i read D, not drop D. you could still use the way i said, but just do like the guy above said and get a D-Tuna

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DO NOT use the fine tuner to tune to drop D. If you want to change the tuning, unlock the nut, and tune to the desired tuning. It will take a while, as the bridge will shift with the change in tension. Once it is mostly in tune, adjust the spring tension in the back of the guitar so that the bridge is level with the body. Then, re-tune the guitar. It takes some time, and it's a pain in the ass to do. If you like to switch from E to drop-D a lot, I would recommend looking into the EVH D-tuna.
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I usually do that, from D standard to drop C, but I was stupid & tightened the nut too much & can't get the screw out meant to be going to sort it out soon though
Quote by The_Toki
EVH D-Tuna.

That will only work if you are going to make the bridge dive only though. And yeah a good tip is before you lock your nut make sure your fine tuner for the low e is all the way in and then when you need to go to drop d unscrew the low e fine tuner until you get drop d. I hope that makes sense to you.
The problem with the D-tuna is the fact that you can't pull up on it.

So you'd probably want the floyd cavity to get dug out further back and deeper...