so i was jamming as usual today... and I stepped on my wha shut it off and i heard this high pitch "click", after messing around with it for a couple of minutes everything seems fine EXCEPT that i cant turn it on with my foot. if i push the little button with my hand it works like it always as, but its the rocking pedal itself that doesn't activate the wah...

i hope i explained it somewhat coherently
is it not hitting the switch? stick something to the bottom of the wah plate (part that moves) so it reaches the switch. use some two way tape and a piece of something like thick rubber?
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i just did that right now ... i taped 2 coins to it and it kinda works but i need to step on it really hard compared to before, and it feels like i have A LOT less pedal travel... but if that does the trick... ill live

thanks anyway...

any other solutions are welcome

EDIT: yep i officially broke my wah pedal now
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