Hey guys, just got this one in a trade, because I loved the color and the fact that it was a limited run, but the body style just isn't my cup o' tea, as I am dying for another ML or Explorer shape. Anything with EMGs or Blackouts really, whichever shape

Details are that only 100 were ever made. A very limited run for Dean. They are based off the Hardtail standard but are about 1/4 inch thinner, plus have custom Kent Armstrong 59 and JB for pickups. These pickups were designed to go into the Dean USA Hardtail Pro series, but then they made a deal with Seymour Duncan instead. Instead of scrapping the pickups, they made 100 hardtails in silver and 100 in gold and used up the pickups.

Pretty sweet guitar really, and they will never be made again. I'm just missing my ML too much already.

I'll be in and out the next week or so, but I'll check in from my phone.