Check it out. Constructive criticism. I personally think I can be a little faster.

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Edit: Please tell me how the first solo (David k) Sounded. I thought of it on the spot usind the double harmonic minor scale to make it sound egyptian sounding. Is there anything I can do to make it more egyptian sounding?
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ok going to be honest and say you guys need alot of work. the basis for the song is solid but kind of generic. the solos sound way to much like your just going thru a scale as there is no flow about either one of them. you both need to work them out and practice till its smooth. improvising will sound better after you've had more playing time and is not an easy thing to do especially when you're just starting to play. by no means do i think it was bad just needs some work. do you guys have a drummer as timing is another issue. keep at it and i think you'll end up with a good song. i'd listen to actual egytian music to get a feel for how it flows and find out what type of scales they use for a more authentic sounding solo.

here's my stuff check out Lifeforce. the solo is totally improvised (as is the majority of the song) not that its awesome or anything but will give you a better idea of what i'm saying about flow.

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First of all i would get a drummer (and a singer ) so it will sound less boring .
I like the riffs , the riff when you are playing the solo sounds very similar to something I know but i can't remember what. Most of the time you guys play the same thing together or even just 1 of just watching at the other one playing , I think it would be better if you harmonized some stuff or something . For the solos i have to agree with Monwobobbo , it sounds more like practicing a scale than a solo but that's just experience because my solos have the same problem.
Like you said it could be played a little bit faster. It isn't bad but a drummer would do a lot to make it better.

So I hope that helped , if you could take the time to crit my first songs it would be greatly appreciated.
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Plz crit this
Yeah, that was a well put together song, but it sounds like a backing track to quake II or something. First thing I knoticed is that the guy with the strat has the same strap as me, so thats a plus, another thing is that your using two different tones, so it dosent work together very well, the rythem parts were great, well planned, but boring too. One of yall needs to be the rythem and one needs to be lead, the rythem always plays the rythem while the other guy plays a solo or harominies. The solos werent much of solos, more like breakdowns, your solos need to speed up alot faster and needs more feeling. it prolly would of been better with the missing bass guy there though. But just work on that and it will turn out great.
You're off to a great start. I think it needs some variety - as a couple of the other guys said, if you have one guitar playing rhythm and the other playing lead/harmonies that would add some variety and make it more interesting, especially if you mix the rhythms up a bit. You've got some great riffs in there, and you both played it well.

The solos could do with some work - the first one was mainly just up and down the scale - sounded like you were trying to get as close to shredding as you can - if you can't play fast and clean yet, don't worry about it. Focus on phrasing. Keep it slow and try and make your solo tell a story - use bends, ho's, po's and slides to give it more feeling, and make it rhythmically interesting. Same for the second solo - it sounded more like a riff that wandered off course than a solo. You don't have to play fast to play a great solo - but you do have to have great phrasing to play a great solo.

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