ok, so im building a guitar (see sig).

the scale length of the guitar is 25.5"
i bought this truss rod:


to put it simply, what is the length, width and depth of the truss rod cavity?
Well, with that one, you'll have to route an odd cavity. Since its a single action rod, your cavity will need to be concave.


That's what you will need to do. As for width, it's a 3/16 rod, so route to that. The wobble from your router will give it the needed clearance so it doesn't bind. If not, take another ''dust'' pass, only taking off a tiny bit of material so the rod can move. Also, wrap certain parts of the rod in scotch tape or something so it won't vibrate in the neck.

Unfortunately, that rod is a lot more complicated than the HotRods or any other double action rod.
ok, old thread but new questions

1) do i have to make my truss rod cavity concave? if so, are there any good tutorials on doing this? are there any template tutorials?

2) how deep should the cavity be?

3) can i make it a flat bottomed cavity from the front of the neck?