Hi. I am trying to create a online band, it's mean that we will make video at our home, put them together and put it on youtube, facebook, etc... I'f you have questions or you are interested, just let me know on this topics If you want to join this group, make a little presentation or yourself like i'm gonna do in the next post. thank you and I wish it will work.
I'll play bass or guitar if you want? Im not sure how to do the editing but it sounds to me you do? I have a few videos up on my youtube channel if you want to check it out?
nothing amazing, but i'm interested. I mostly play bass by the way.
what genre?
PRS SE custom Cherryburst
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Line6 UX1 (with metal shop add on)
i play electric guitar, and am interested. i a video on my myspace, just search aaron bliss and the video is on my profile. i play all types of music and know how to edit video. pm if interested.
ok so let's go. My name is Sebastien, i'm 15 years old and I play guitar since 3 years, but i play music in general since 10 years ^^. I play guitar, bass, piano and i'm trying to sing. In this group, I want to play guitar. My favotite group is Iron Maiden, Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, and a lots more. I learn every song very fast and I use GP5. I don't have video of me playing, but it will come soon ^^. I'm actually in a band and we are not bad, but they don't want to do some cover. I want to create this group for have fun with other musicians and meet people. I'm sorry for the mistake, i'm from quebec, so i'm french. My instruments is a black Ibanez Rg Series with a 30W Roland Cube (this is not super, but the sound is good). I record video with my digital camera.

Thank you ^^

P.S: I use MSN, so add me if you want: sebpomerleau@hotmail.com
the genre is in my definition: I will want to play rock, metal, heavy things.. ^^ And I don't really know how to build the video, but I can learn xD
The place I need:
Second guitarist (for the solo, we will gonna share them, depend whats the song^^)
I'll play bass if you want i can play just about anything you put in front of me and can write my own stuff too so anything heavy im down for..
I have the gear and recording software already.
i use a deluxe fender jazz bass and a spector 5 string proffesional.
and i got an upright as well if you wanted to get creative
i can be the second guitar.
im not just into punk....... im into punk rock!!!!!!
anything preferally metal. or hard rock
im not just into punk....... im into punk rock!!!!!!
conroy and bliss, add me on msn if you can: sebpomerleau@hotmail.com

if no, well tell me. ^^
We are gonna play rock, metal and things like that. Well, we can play anything you want. We will discuss and see which song and group we all like. And yes, we need a vocal, so if one of you can sing, you're invited ^^.