this is a song im writing at the moment called no love. got the idea from the exodus song of same name but isnt really like it all. the intro is my favorite so far it is very creepy and i like that hope you do too. as the title says it is not complete so crit what is there for the moment. this is not the cannibal corpse style death metal so dont think that going into it.

C4C as always. thank

EDIT:i changed the verses and added a 2 chorus and prechorus. i dont know what to do after so suggestions are accepted.
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I dont think those soloing sections mesh very well, but killer riffs!
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you worked a lot on the transition between the intro and the chorus i think, cause it sounded really good, but i think the rest is just another megadeth wannabe...
I agree with the solo'ing comment to an extent. I think the solo'ing in bar 13 should be changed seeing as it just seems like it's just screaming noise at me and the solo should've ended with the note in bar 19 and then transitioned to the rest of the song, however, I really like the song. Very metal, very powerful and got a nice groove to it. I couldn't helped but sway my head during the verse.
Really promising intro that goes nowhere sadly, but the song definitely kicks up a notch once the verses come in. Very simplistic riff, but damn does it mesh nicely and make for a great groove. The prechorus and the harmonies right before the chorus are great, very well done and well placed.

I was not expecting much after the intro, to be honest, but it really picked up. Maybe throw in a different pre-chorus or something. That might be the midi's lack of vocals, but meh sounds great right now.


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GOREDIT: Forgot to add this, sounds like Nile and Testament mushed together, I like it.
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Super bad-a first of all!!!!
My freaking favorite part was teh chorus it has major GNARLY transition. EXCEPT>>>the measure. i changed it to 4/4 and it was amazing.

The riff right after the first chorus was like "Devil Pirates Yo-Ho-Ho Theme" lol. I liked it actually made me want to play Nintendo 64 for some reason lol. Prechorus is simply ecstatic lol Chorus again lovely

and another yo-ho-ho from hell lol.

I'd like to a solo for it.

Or else no love for you lol.
9.5/10 (I don't relaly like switching time signatures from anything except 3/4 to 6/4 and 2/4 to 4/4 For some reason I just don't like the whole 4/4 to 5/4 thing. Other than amazzing.
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The simple intro is going to have to be vocally driven. The solo does not seems to play nicely with what is behind it, and bar 13 though dissonant is too "major." 27 on is very Into the Pit, I like it. Bar 40 on (Verse riff) is purely awesome, needs to remain untampered, as well as the adjoining end riff.

I like the style you are adopting and think that with a little better drum programming could be a very solid piece of music. It is clearly unfinished, but as it is 8/10.