You tell me?

No seriously I NEED feedback on my guitar playing (and anything else you would like to comment on?

The song is "ABOUT TIME" - its on my profile... clicky clicky

That's some really 'smooth' playing there... really fits in with the rest of the piece!
Btw, is that your song cos' if it is... it might be a future no. 1

Keep it up,
Sounds nice - did you do it in a few separate takes? There are a few timing issues, which sound like they are from separate tracks not joining up smoothly. Playing sounds good to me - but if you want some serious crit on your playing there's a technique analysis thread [thread]1039223[/thread]
ank the back - yeh that is my song, cheers for that - i hope so....... but im gunna be realistic. hehe
zhilla - yeh i did have to do quite a few takes....

unfortunately...... my computer laggs after about 90 sec of recording so it makes it very hard to record. As you correcctly noticed..... many takes have to be 'stuck' together I HATE the time lags..... but this song took so long to do i just dont think i could re-do it...... i hope thes essence of the song is still there though.

Thanks mate - i will check out that thread.