Hi, I was just learning Panama and I'm not exactly sure what some symbols mean in it's tab. First of all, when you see a "x" does that mean to palm mute an open string and pic it? I'm kind of confused about the difference between a "x" and a palm muted "0". Is there a difference? Also, in the first verse it shows what to strum and then above the chords there's this "\0.5/", what does that mean? Finally, in the solo it has some hammer-ons and pull-offs and then a "9". Well, on a couple of the 9s it has it setup like this "h9". Does that mean to hammer-on from the open string onto the 9th fret?

I'm sorry about the nooby questions. Also, I couldn't really figure out the best place to put this thread, so since it had to deal with tabs I posted in this category.

I palm mute the 0's but I also fingerpick that part. The .5 is when you bend a semi-tone down with the bar I believe. Idk what you are talking about with the solo.
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