How do machine head get the special effects sound in such songs like aesthetics of hate? Is it just an effects pedal?
They don't use very many effects in that song. It's just distortion
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Quote by EvoLancer211
They don't use very many effects in that song. It's just distortion


but if you're talking about that part at the beginning I want to say they're using a clean channel, palm muting the notes, and pouring a lot of reverb on.
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The intro to Aesthetics of Hate is played without distortion using the bridge pickup. A small amount of flanger or phaser is also used. Let the first open note ring out throughout the whole bar.
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EMG pickups. Any active pickup will actually do, I tried some B.C.R.A pickups and they sound (in my opinion) better than EMGs.
TheBodomBullet is right about the clean tone though.
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I read something and one of the guitarists said chorus is the heart of his tone. (obviously not all the time though)
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Yes a multi-effects pedal will most likely include a flanger,that is the effect you are looking for.