I'm not a huge metal/metalcore person, but I've always liked Killswitch Engage and thought it would be fun to cover this song. The guitar tones are from GarageBand's amp modeling interface; they don't sound great, but I think they're passable. This cover's not perfect, but I think that's more my software's fault than mine.

No screaming vocals. If you wanna take this and try to do them, let me know how it turns out.

Wow that's actually damn good. Can't fault the guitar playing or the vocals at all, sounds amazing in my opinion
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Not bad man...it's not a perfect mix but it's a suitable cover. Drums are kinda hidden in the mix and guitars aren't very distinguished. But like i said it's not terrible by any means. Vocals are pretty decent too. I'm actually going to take a stab at the screams for the hell of it. If anything turns out I'll let you know.
killer rhythm work, dude! your timing is right on the money! good job on the vocals as well
overall, sounds perfect to me!