I'm soon building a new guitar from scratch. I have never done this before and I need help. Does anyone know any websites that give walkthroughs? Do you have any tips? I'm open to any advice or random blabbering about this subject. Thanks in advance

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UG is a good place for getting tips. Look around for old threads on builds. If I can remember right, seymourduncan.com has wiring diagrams, that should also help.

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Project Guitar is also an invaluable resource. If you need templates, I have the old .zip file from the Template Thread, as well as a good pdf on a guy's build, if you're interested. Just PM me an email address, I'll send the stuff over.
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I haven't built one (lack of cash and tools, otherwise I'd do one), but here's my tips:

1: Make sure you plan it all before you start, if you 'make it up as you go along', you're going to do something majorly wrong later in the project.

2: Take your time, I don't mean you should work slowly, just go at a pace that allows you to do things carefully.

3: During the build, if you need help, ask for it - ie. if you're not an experienced woodworker, it's a good idea to know someone who is and get them to help you.

4: Make a 'build' thread and post lots of pics.
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Stew-Mac at stewmac.com has instructional DVD's as well as books on all forms of guitar construction.
Start simple, don't try to build a complex project first time out. Good luck.
Books to buy...

Make Your Own Electric Guitar by Melvyn Hiscock

Another good book to get after you have read that is this one...

Building Electric Guitars by Martin Koch

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