Hey there,

I have just uploaded five of my songs (midi) on profile page.

Please comment on how I could improve them, so that they can be perfect for recording.

Two are instrumentals, and the other three are songs.

C4C as usual

Thx, crit is on your page.
Do you think i should release ep with these, or put more songs on to make an lp?
Hey ppl,

What sort of mood do each of these songs remind you of? - I need to name the two instrumentals and write lyrics for the other three.

At the moment, 'find a way' will be about heaven/hell (that's it ;(

Well, that one is tricky...
Although it is obvious by listening to your tracks that you have composition skills,
you are killed by that midi stuff. I just can't go past that artificial sound. I hate plain midi when it tries to emulate an instrument.
On top of it, imo, posting midi guitar tracks on guitar oriented forum is like shooting a bullet in your foot.
You should re-record using actual guitar playing, because, again, your tracks seem pretty good.
Just giving my 2 cents here.
haha... i like the 'shooting a bullet in foot' analogy! :L

I wanted to upload in midi so I could get full feedback on how to improve before properly recording... i haven't got drum software or a bass at home, so have to ask other people to record those bits for me... i only want to ask them when track is perfect so that they don't have to rerecord

Sorry about that rather long 'speech', hahaha

Btw, i'm adding you on myspace... i really like your tracks
Gave find a way a listen, sounds good composition wise. I really enjoyed the bass intro. I'd like to hear the finished products and not the midi nintendoness.
Hey, does anyone have any ideas on what mood the two instrumentals remind you of?
Also, what could I base the lyrics of the other three songs on?

Also, please comment on them on my profile.