this head was for sale in another store some 7 years ago and just this past weekend i discovered that a tech ive used a few times was the one that bought it way back then and he was nice enough to let me borrow it. too bad i cant use it with my crate vfx5212 like i thought i could. we played a standard strat through it today and it sounds great. the bright switch on the clean channel didnt do much though but thats ok. id sure like to try out my humbuckers through this thing.

i just want to know a little more about it. the owner would probably sell it to me if i asked. im guessing its not one of the first mark Is because those didnt have the push-pull pots. also, where do i find the serial #?

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EDIT:idk what it is, but that sure is a pretty amp. very basic.
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those old mesas don't have serial numbers i dont' think.

mark IIIs hav a colored sharpie stripe on hte back to indicate features, time of build etc...
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Well whatever it is, its probably going to be worth a pretty penny I am sure.
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not really, mark IIS go for about 700-850 bucks. one that is missing all the tolex, doesn't have a graphic EQ, and is a 50 watter, maybe 550 or 600.

but man i still want it.

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I think your best bet would be to go the the Boogie board. And post it in the vintage amps section. I believe you will get your best answer there.
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oh man! nothing like a mystery amp!
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Yep, looks like one of the earlier Mark series amps.


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