Hiya folks....well i have an interesting issue with my Schecter C-1+.....I believe the bridge is on backwards. I'm not quite freaking out because it still plays and sounds great, but I was wondering if there was anything that could be thrown outta-whack??
You can put a bridge on backwards? If so how the hell did you do that?

I can't really help because I have never heard that before.
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This is the worst thing that could ever happan,

Sit tight and pray you never encounter this beast.
We all love the fail-tar!
a lot of guys flip bridges when the screws face the headstock, because it's easier to intonate a guitar that way.

like said. check your intonation and if you dont feel like fixing it all, then loosen the strings and flip it back .

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Yeah, kind of a nOOb question I know. So it's pretty safe to assume that I am not doing any real harm to the guitar....good deal