i've been recording lately with my singer, but my stuff isnt quite cutting it so far, i have a mac book with logic express 8, a behringer eurorack ub1622fx and some sucky dynamic mics (think i took them off of the ps2 game sing star...) anyway, they've done the job before in solo recording (seeing as my pod xt live just went directly into my mac via usb.) but i need something more for band play, i've looked at recording packages, and both me and the singer work at the same music store, so we'll get a discount no matter what, but we've decided to put about 500 bucks into it for now, and i'm looking at a few things, but i need some opinions...
i saw this and liked it, http://pro-audio.musiciansfriend.com/product/PreSonus-Audiobox-USB-Recording-Package?sku=243008
and i've heard good things about it. but i dont really need monitors. i have some already.

this looked promising too, but i dont need the headphones, i have some good panasonic ones as of now. also it doesnt come with a recording interface.

and finally i saw this
but i dont need the monitors again.

also my brother is selling a laptop and craigslist and some one offered him some recording equipment, so he offered that i pay him 300 bucks and i'll get whatever he trades, (which he's offered a firepod), but that means i'd only have about 200 for mics...

any ideas would help, i'm open to any suggestions also. oh and i'd like something that works with logic express (i've gotten used to it over about 2 years.)
I'm on a Mac and use Logic Studio - I've been planning the PreSonus Audiobox package for awhile now - they work great with Mac's too from discussing them in some other forums. I have 2 interfaces right now that I love (a Presonus INSPIRE and a BOSS GS-10) but need the other stuff and can always play with the Audiobox too when I'm wanting to experiment... All of them should work fine with Logic.
Now running an Eleven Rack with Pro Tools 10.3.3 - it's amazing and I'm having ball with it - worth every penny. PT 10 is tops IMO and the Eleven Rack is a work of art!