March 1987 saw the release of the infamous "Joshua Tree" album which culminated in the sale of over 25 million records. The 50minute setlist compiled such classics as 'Where the Streets Have No Name'; I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For'; 'With or Without You; 'Bullet the Blue Sky' and several more. These are compositions that truly surpass time itself, in some form or another arouse the human condition appealing to our very nature, our quintesseential existence (perhaps rather too philosophical but nonetheless!) to our emotions, our lives. Well I think so anyway! But what happened along the way with the music of U2? Critics have cited their latest album as their very line on the horizon, their end in sight - if a similar quality (or lack there of) is maintained. After all it has been observed that they sold their albums online for $3.99 just to ensure album sales. All of which made little impact in respect of previous sales. Even their stage 'claw' that they have developed for this current 360 tour seems to be the hype surrounding them and not their music or latest album. Seems a tad worring, even for the diehard U2 fans convinced of their ever-continual brilliance. You know when you like something or someone so much you may be oblivious to their flaws? Let us speak without bias - fan or not; love em or loath em. They have the back catalogue of hits and fans at this stage to keep going till kingdom come but should they quit while they're ahead?
I think How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb was a great release and I think they should have stuck with more straight forward rock songs than try and emulate their sound on the Joshua Tree.

As bands progress their writing and music evolves and I think that U2 tried taking a step back thinking they can pull off another Joshua tree however it backfired.