hey, our band is trying to set up our practice space and we're in the midst of getting a PA system.
We already have a peavey USB-14 mixer which is perfect for recording and we have two yamaha A-10 speakers. We still need a power amp for the speakers.
Will this work? http://pro-audio.musiciansfriend.com/product/American-Audio-VLP1500-Power-Amplifier?sku=803182

the speakers are 250 watt program and 500 watt max, at 8 ohms nominal impedence. So will this power amp work?

Also, will this be loud enough to be heard over a loud drummer, two 50 watt (tube) amps, and a large bass amp?
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The power amp will work. And the 50 watt tube amps should work fairly well, just make sure they sound good at higher volumes, because you're going to have to have the settings pretty damn high =). Good Luck.