I always just buy an amp and use it as that. I never worried about heads/cabinets. But I want to get a nice Beatles tone so I'm looking into Vox's.

I saw this:


1) Would this be a crappy amp, or is it just cheap because its small and only an amp head?
2) Do you put your input cord into an amp head or the cabinet?
3) Any sites/how to's on how to hook them up to each other?
4) Will the tone on the amp head above sound the same with a cabinet, just louder?

1. It's not bad, just not very loud. Low power, great tone.
2. Input into head.
3. It's just one cable that connects an IN hole and an OUT hole.
4. You can't play a head without a cab.
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1- no its not a crappy amp, voxes typically are pretty solid amps and thats no exception, the reason its cheap is because it is short on features and is low wattage.
2-you plug your guitar into the head and then the head into the cab
3-pull a manual for just about any head/cab off the internet
4-that amp wont make noise on its own, you NEED a cab, also NEVER turn it on unless there is a cab that has a matching impedence or a cab with a higher ohm rating

make sure that if you have a cab that is rated at 8 ohm you have it plugged into the amp through the jack that says 8 ohm, you could also plug it into a 4 ohm spot but thats less desirable
basically what everyone's saying. I love low wattage tube amps because you can really get all the juice out of the tubes. Always Always Always make sure you have your amp head connected to the proper impedence cabinet with speaker wire before turning on your head. I've had the same questions before and its good your asking now before you try on your own and something bad happens.
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do you need a cab from the same company? or a specific one?

Nearly fifty years later, Vox is pleased to announce the AC4TVH—the all-tube mini practice guitar amp head with remarkable self control. The sophisticated sound is unmistakably Vox, delivering that distinctively British top-end tone.

that made me think you can just play through the head. so you can't?

EDIT: wait, why the hell does it have a certain wattage and a speaker, if you can't use it without a cab?
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you just need to make sure the ohm rating matches up

lets say you have a cab that says 8 ohm, you would plug that into the 8 ohm jack on the amp head, you can also use a 8 ohm cab with an amp rated lower, but it makes it sound different, your better off just making sure they match up right

no a head on its own will make no noise and break when you turn it on, resulting in an expensive repair bill and dissatisfaction to your ears
no you can have any cab for any head. The only thing with cab's and heads is to match the impedence of the head and speaker. It will be something like 8ohm or 4 or 16 ohms.
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no, there's no speakers in the head. And again it'd be very bad to turn it on without a cab.

any cab will work as long as the impedance matches up to whatever the head says. However you're going to want a small one, that thing would have trouble on a big ol marshall 4X12. I'd suggest either the matching Vox one or maybe the one epiphone makes for their valve junior. Just a 1X12 or 1X10 cab for best performance from the amp.

Edit: its ohms your worried about in the speaker cabinet, not wattage.
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if our hunting a cab i'll recommend the epiphone valve junior cab its a 12in, which is the most common speaker size for guitar cabs, it will have a fuller sound and more responsive bass frequencies in general than the 10in. Plus its alot easier to get a 12in speaker if you ever feel the need or are forced to replace it
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1. It's not bad, just not very loud. Low power, great tone.

4. You can't play a head without a cab.

I still don't get it.

So why does the head have certain watts then, if you can't play it just as is? And why does it say perfect practice amp?

And not very loud?^^ so you're saying that you CAN play it like that??? because with a cab it would get louder obviously
he means that it will be quieter than a 100watter through the same cab, the head is rated so you know what its output is, higher output=louder, but adding speakers is much more effecient to adding volume.
also so you dont overpower your cab with too many watts, thats a bad thing too