Poll: What are some alternate ways to govern society with the use of a monetary system?
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Just something I wanted to throw out at you guys.

In 2007 Miley Cyrus earned 18.5 million dollars. That's a big number, right?

In the same year, 34,000 children died of starvation. That's also a big number.

Someone please explain to me how we as human beings have allowed this society to get so twisted. Have you ever seen a child who is starving to death? It is one of the most agonizing, painful ways to die I can think of, and it's happening to children by the thousands as you are reading this.

**** Miley Cyrus, and **** every other talentless, insecure self-absorbed celebrity who contribute NOTHING to society yet still live the ideal lives.

If a person is walking down the street and happens upon a child literally dying on the sidewalk, you would expect that person to help right? They are in the position do so, why wouldn't they?

If they did not intervene and save the child, that would make them partly responsible for the death of that child, right?

The answer is yes. Your own callous inaction attaches to you a ball and chain of shameful responsibility.

I promise you, everyone of you who reads this, if I made 18 millions dollars last year, 17 million would have gone to save those starving children, and I am not speaking in terms of charitable donations. I would have flown to these desolate countries and done the job myself.

**** YOU, Miley Cyrus. You spoiled, ungrateful, self-indulgent, despondent, overpaid, insecure, dysfunctional piece of fake plastic bull****. You, and all your millionaire cronies, let these children die. You don't deserve a fraction of what you make. I truly cannot say enough bad things about you.