The two guitars sound (on my speakers) out-of-phase, or maybe one has flange or chorus or the other doesn't? If that's the case, I'd remix it with the same effects on both, and maybe push them both a little farther in the mix. And bring up the screamo parts.

So yeah. The mixing doesn't sound great (at least on my system), but the sond itself is extremely cool.
That sounds pretty awesome, but the way you have the guitars centered ruins it. I know how much of a pain in the neck it is to hear something about centering, but move the stereo around a bit and it will definitely sound better, trust me. I always used to hate it when people would crit the quality of the recording and not the song itself.
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Yeah you know what.....I'm just going to rerecord this....I've come a long way since back when i did this....I guess I shouldn't be lazy. hahah. The covers in my profil are the newer stuff i've done which actually take advantage of the stereo spectrum hahah.....but thanks for taking a listen guys...I'll stop by and check your stuff out in a few!
That was pertty freaken cool, in a few parts the guitars get off beat, but its hardly noticable. But it could use some more time in the mixer to clear up some things, like your voice, which is kinda quite in the mix, but not bad.

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Thats awesome! Great playing and vocals too. Sounds like it should be on an album not on UG lol IMO the only not-so-good thing is the sound quality - you should definitely re-record it!

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That was a pretty cool track... try bringing the vox out a bit more when you rerecord.

I really like the intro, i didn't really know what to expect... but ended up being a really good build up.

Vox really suited the guitars and rest of track

Really good solo, well written and well played.

Plz can you comment on the midis on my profile (so i perfect them ready for recording).
Hey thanks to everyone for checking this track out! At least i know I got a good start with the song material....but definitely apparent a rerecord is indeed what i need. Should actually be fun though....now that I have my stuff worked out with my new software and what not!

I'll make sure to stop by and give you all some crits shortly!