I play a Strat which I just recently put 10's onto. I did this because other guitars I've played with 10's made me feel like I was getting a better grip on the string for bends and pull-offs.

I had the guitar setup by a professional and I noticed that he set the action just a smidge higher than I had been used to when the guitar had 9 gauge strings. Ever since the change I'm noticing my hand had been wearing out after about an hour of playing. I never experience this before I made the string change.

Do you guys think I should just switch back to 9's or before I do that possibly try lowering the action a bit? Will my hand strengthen up over time and get used to it?

I have a Les Paul with 10's that I don't seem to have a problem with. Could that be because of the scale length?
you'll get used to it, but if your hand starts to hurt while practicing, stop. in this case, no pain no gain does not apply.
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Try lowering the action, see if you can get more comfy with it without getting too much fretbuzz