$200 AUD. It's in a bit of a beat up state and is missing the screw-things that screw into the locking nut. I'll check out the neck etc after. It looks exactly like this photo found on the net:


It's a bit like a Jackson headstock as you can see, and has sharktooth inlays too. A kahler branded floyd rose, and a Seymour Duncan bridge pickup in the bridge. It also has a typical strat-like neck pickup.

It looks like it's 80's vintage - is this worth picking up? Is the floyd going to be crap? What else should I check on the guitar? Good investment / worth more than $200AUD? Will it be able to hold tune?

Thanks heaps.
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I would really check that out in real life. that is a pretty ****ty picture BTW. sounds bad ass though
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I honestly dont know if it's worth it but I just wanted to say. That is one sweet looking tele!
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It's in a shop near me - I have checked it out in real life and it looks pretty good. Not bad condition, but with a bit of work it could be better. The headstock doesn't suit it, but it's pretty much a combination of the two guitars I'm gassing for, a Tele and something with a floating trem.

I didn't take the picture, just found it on the net.
For $200aud you can't go too wrong the only thing you should be on the lookout for is the fretwork condition, neck condition, damages, bridge rust, and general condition of playability. If they are all okay then you cna probably spend a bit more cash and make it play like a beauty.