I play a guitar w/25.5 inch (long) scale and a fixed bridge. I find anh strings gauge 10 and up are hard to bend, esp the high E. Floating bridges seem ok to me since they gibe a little when you bend. 24.75 scale is usually ok too.

Ive tried several brands: daddario, eb, and DR (which were probably the best). Didnt like 9's - cant get action low enough w/o a lot of buzz and lower strings sound weak. Should i try mixing string packs? Does anyone else have this issue?
try strengthening your fingers. you'll get used to it. i prefer blue steel .10's, but thats just me.
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Try .09's...?

Those are really thin and I'd be afraid about breaking them tuning up to standard on a 24.75" scale guitar... Especially because my Dean has a lot extra stringing space.
You wont break them. I use .09 on my V thats a 25.5 scale
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I use 9s on my 25.5 scale guitars and 10s on my 24.75s and they feel pretty much the same when played. Strings are up to you Ive used d'darrio, fender, ernieball, elixer, gibson, DR, and GHS at different times. D'darrios are pretty good I used em for a long time but now use GHS. Wasnt impressed with the other brands, but others swear by em.
try playing around with the truss rod depending what type of guitar you have... i doubt its the problem but youll find yourself with a lower action
DAMN you got weak fingers. And 10's sound pretty weak too, just like 9's. Just get your strength up. You can buy a +3step bend potion at your local Wal-Mart.
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I didn't find much trouble changing from 9-42s to 10-52s and bending..
I can bend all frets with my pinky..
And i can bend all frets with my pinky to on my bros bass..
So i guess strengthen your fingers.
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10s shouldn't be that hard to bend. then again i've been playing them for quite some time now. what are you tuning to?
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I have no trouble bending 10s on a medium scale guitar - 24 3/4 - like LP or long scale w/trem like strat or RG, but fixed long is tough on long scale w/fixed bridge like tele, rg fixed, schecter c-1 etc. I guess ill work on strength. Anyone use "hybrid" gauge strings like from EB? Supposedly like a set of 10s on the bottom and 9s on top.