I was thinking about switching over from verizon to at&t and was wondering what you guys thought of their service? Do you get a lot of dropped calls or bad reception?
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they have some of the worst customer service in the world.

their phone service is pretty good.
I have no opinion on this matter.
att always drops calls and has bad service...us cellular is the way to go
don't switch from verizon if you're looking for better service areas. at&ts phone service is pretty good, but verizon's is much better. the only thing you're actually paying for with at&t are their phones and that may be worth it enough. however, their 3G service, in my opinion, is one of the worst in the nation despite being the fastest. at&t has no 3g coverage in most of the united states.

EDIT: you might want to go to their website and check out their coverage maps.
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i've never had any problems really, until i moved into my apartment, since all the towers around here are for cincinnati bell.... pshh. thats crap, haha