title says it, which animal would play best the guitar, first of all, it needs to have hands, so therefore a snail can't be the best guitar player.

For some reason i am thinking on the beaver, what do you think, Pit?
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Spider monkey
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Monkey, they has thumbs and are likely the only animals that could be even taught to play guitar. Besides razorback hyenas, of course.
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Look at the fingers!

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An octopus with slides on the ends of its tentacles.

octopi would make better drummers imo.
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on a serious, non-playing along note. Animals have no sense of music in the sense of rythem. Thats why they can't be taught to dance to music.

Thats not to say they don't run away when you play cannibal corpse and chill out when you play them some Bob Dylan.

Now that sh*t all over this thread, I vote octopus, their also supposed to be really smart.
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