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LE shoop? It must be rad. And yes, I see potential.

P.S. nobody google 'man train'.

Most Beatles songs, Beach Boys, Doors, Cream, early Who songs...
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I ran my mouse pointer over a link and the pointer changed and I thought it was the grenade danger indicator from COD5 so I was trying to find a way to move away from it but couldn't, so I panicked and ran out of the room.
Stones, Yardbirds, Animals, later Manfred Mann, Status Quo, MC5, Hawkwind, Them.
I pick up my guitar and play
Just like Yesterday

T C Ellis Series 2 LP w/Skatterbrane Quiescence pups
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what the **** disco has sixties rock?, like not to be a dick, mayeb its just what you call a dance, but I didn't think disco really came around till the seventies......
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Most Beatles songs, Beach Boys, Doors, Cream, early Who songs...

'Music is the best"
Dont let sixties music out on 21 year old disco junkies. Give them some other crap
If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all
Again, sigh...
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if i started a brutal death metal band, id call it Bleeding Asshole
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I really don't know whether I hope this is a troll thread or not....... I mean...either he raped a girl
Or thinks it's ****ing hilarious to joke about it.
He's a monster either way.