Are the decent guitars? They all appear to be in the $200-$300 range and most are made with EMG designed pickups.

I won't rush out to buy one, mainly because the ESP I want is way better in terms of quality and color.

I'm curious to see what people have for thoughts on these things...

This is the only AXL guitar that I could find over $300...

The only body styles are V's with a nice C shaped chunk missing, mockingbird-like shapes, danelectros, a superstrat and an SG
I haven't heard that many good things about them to be honest. Never first hand personal experience
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I've read several good things about the Badwater series in a few guitar magazines, but around here they don't seem to get much love. I'd say check them out.
from what i can tell, they are hit-or-miss
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Yeah I'm curious to see how they sound and feel. So when I go to Guitar Center next week, I'm gonna see if I can find one.

They sound pretty decent. And I have a feeling Axl is a pretty new guitar company due to their lack of selection and pretty low priced guitars. They have 12 guitars on musician's friend...
I found this on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itAGvJQztb8

I personally liked what I heard, I would check Axl Guitars for more info and whatnot, they even have a little 3D viewing thing that allows you to see the guitars.
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I have one of the Badwater series and I really like it. It has a decent sound and the aged look is cool. I got mine at a discount because the trem arm was bent and had been forced into the bridge, there by stripping the threading. I will replcae the bridge but for $100 I think it is a great axe.
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Axl guitars are really hit or miss. I have played many and there are some gems and then there are some real dogs. I love the looks of a few models and I want to get one but I haven't found one was happy enough with to buy. This is the kind of guitar you really have to get your hands on and play before you buy.
The one I have is amazing. Did a proper setup on it and this guitar that cost me $100AUD became my main rehearsal guitar. The pickups are surprisingly good. Not great, but pretty good. You should try it before you play it though, because some of them are terrible.