Yo guys. I got a Strat recently. Ernie ball strings, not sure what gauging but whatever it comes with. Generally use standard E, but I play metal and want to tune down so i can play certain songs. (Yes, I know, metal on a single-coiled Strat is not optimal but I play primarily some bluesy stuff and some rock, and am too poor to go buy a whole nother guitar just for my metal stuff.)

Anyway, how low can I go? Right now I use drop d for some stuff. I know the strings that come with a Strat generally can't handle lower tunings. But how low is lower? D? B? A?

Can I use D Standard safely? Will switching between E standard and D standard often be bad for the strings or the guitar?
As low as you want, as long as you set it up. You could set up an acoustic into Drop A or whatever if you really wanted to.
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You can probably go down to drop B before you experience problems like, ****ty sounding notes and lots of rattle.

You'll be able to switch between D standard and E just fine. Infact, it's pretty good for the strings to some extent. Just keep in mind that when you tune to a lower tuning, it'll take a little more to get it up to another tuning because you're stretching the strings.

You can get lower than drop B with a higher gauge of strings. I use 10 guage strings and I can play in Drop C just fine. I don't play any lower. There's really no reason unless you wanna be some Slipknot wannabe in drop A... screw that!
Awesome, thanks guys! Will my strings get out of tuner faster or anything from that? And also r0ckth3d34n, how is it better for the strings?
Basically stretching the strings lets you be more fancy without getting out of tune. Which I know from experience, is a bitch. And you can really WHAM and WHALE on the strings without getting out of tune.

But if you play lower, you're far more likely to detune the hell out of your strings if you attack them to the point where you feel like you just HAD to end a song with a very triumphant and metal sounding powerchord by whalling on the strings.
^which I do. I'm in Drop Db. E string de-tunes like a mother when I slam it on the open powerchords.
Oh okay awesome, good to know! Thanks

Gotta start finding some metal bands in d standard. Insomnium, Symphony X, Death...any suggestions?

thanks for all the help people I appreciate it
in D standard... All That Remains I think is in D standard. But their stuff is really hard unless you plan on working on one song for a solid 6 months.

How long have you been playing?
About a year, but haven't done much metal. Mostly bluesy stuff or rock, stuff like GNR, Jimi Hendrix, the easier Eric Clapton stuff.
Ah. I have no clue what GNR, Jimi or Claption sounds like. Haha. I'm a modern guy, give or take a few years here and there.

Silverstein is an amazing band in Drop Db (half step with a drop D).

From Autumn to Ashes is also really good. Some of their stuff is in D standard and some of their stuff is in E standard. Great Metal band, nonetheless.
I'm only 14 but my guitar teacher has a huge appreciation for the classics so I end up learning a lot of their stuff.

Thanks for all your help, I'll check em out ^_^
I'd save up for a Digitech Whammy IV and then you can drop anywhere from half a step to 2 octaves if that's what trips your trigger. All the cool pros got 'em :-)

Or get just about any Digitech multi-effects with an expression pedal--almost all of them have the same Whammy effect and you can't tell the difference listening to them. Of course, the Whammy IV will let you control it with MIDI or a seperate expression pedal, but most folks will never go there.
Hey, I'm only 14, too. Small world, eh?

I've been playing guitar for a year and a half, and I'm on my 3rd guitar >_<
^makes me feel a little spoiled. But number three is coming out of my own wallet.

My guitar teacher hasn't taught me any songs (no need to, haha). He's a theory guy, which helped me in writing my own songs.

Few other bands, Dance Gavin Dance, Metallica, Senses Fail, A Static Lullaby and A Skylit Drive... all great metal bands. Except Senses Fail's new stuff. Stay AWAY from Life's Not a Waiting Room by them.
BTW, what kind of Strat?

If it's a Squier, you shouldn't string it heavier than 10s or you risk bending the neck.
Yeah it's a Squier x( I plan to upgrade it soon though. Heard from everyone it was a good starter guitar and it is but I'm planning on going in a more metal direction, see if that works for me, and then if it does there's an Ibanez I have my eyes on. Once I save up for it xD

And those are good bands r0ck. I'll check out their tabs. I'm looking for more melodic death metal-ish stuff, but I think Insomnium is the only one that tunes that high. I think Mors Principium Est even uses standard E.
Silverstein, Senses Fail and Dance Gavin Dance are pretty melodic.

As for Standard E, Metallica plays in that and so does MOST of FATA.

Keep your mind open to other guitars. Because I have a pretty metal guitar on my copy command....

I'd also look out for ESP's, Dean's, other Schecter's, and Jacksons.

If you tell me what you want in your next guitar and your budget, I can help you find other guitars
I mean the Gothenburg MDM stuff like In Flames and Arch Enemy and Dark Tranquility and Norther and Kalmah.

Aight I'll letcha know once I figure out the direction I want to take my guitar in Thanks for everything!
You lost me on what you just said. Lol.

Things you wanna think about for a metal guitar:
24 frets, EMG or Duncan pickups, thin (and flat) neck, a killer shape and maybe a floyd or something with locking devices for more stable tuning.
Quote by Insira
I'm looking for more melodic death metal-ish stuff,


COB also plays some songs in D mostly C

Godsmack is also in D

Disturbed is in D also

there are alot of pantera songs that are D cunthair flat
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oh r0ck I just meant melodic death metal as a subgenre, not stuff that was just melodic in general.

Oh Opeth, how could I forget them! Thanks. I think they also have some stuff in standard e?
I'd get the whammy first, then the new metal guitar after you work on your chops and have mowed a bunch of lawns.

Also, if you want to change the tunings around on your metal guitar, then stay away from anything with a trem bridge, especially Floyd Roses (edge III, etc for Ibanez).

You can probably get a good deal on an appropriate Ibanez or Jackson at a pawn shop.

For now, play that Squier as long as you can; it'll force you to have great technique and shredding will come so much easier on that next guitar (with the big frets & hot pickups).
You can go down as low as you want on your guitar, just different adjustments need to be made to ensure the notes ring clear. Heavier string gauges are a must to at least have some tension to it really.

I currently have a strat in AADFAC, with a noise gate, it sounds really unque
I've had my Squire strat in drop C with .010's on it...

It played well