I'm thinking about buying a used Peavey Valveking 112 for 200 dollars, to use for pop punk, punk, indie, and alternative tone. Almost every review I've read suggests a change in speaker and tubes. I was planning on throwing in a Celestion speaker, since they are "really good?" Tell me if I'm wrong. Also, I'm really bad when it comes to what tubes are good for what tones? Could you help me figure out what tubes I would want to throw in? Thanks!

Edit: I've also just found a 212 for 300. Would this be worth getting over the 112?
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where did you find these deals? i must know. cl? ebay don't have shiit
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Craigslist. The 112 is for 200 w/ the footswitch. The 212 is 300 w/ the footswitch. I think that with the money I save I definitely deserve new speaker(s) and new tubes.
You're saving over 50%. That's a hell of a bargain, snatch that up.

I'd say, if you're doing bedroom playing, just get the 112. A 212 may have too much headroom for you if you're not doing major gigging.
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Well, I'd say 60% of my playing is in my room, and I have a Fender 15g frontman for that. Crappy amp, but good enough for home practice. I'm getting a new amp for bigger gigs. I play at my church, as well as in my school's praise band, where we play in a Gymnasium. So yeah. Something bigger than a 110 15 watt amp will be needed. I also found a Vox AD60VTX for 350, and a VC 12 for about 150. It would be about the same as if I modded on of the Peaveys, so I'm still deciding between those two.
I would definitely take the Valveking. It's full tube and will have much better tone than the Vox.

Even though I'm a total Vox fanboy
Ibanez RGT42DX
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Digitech Whammy (FOR SALE!)
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With the money you save on these deals you really need to treat yourself to a Fulltone OCD. They sound great with those amps.
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Like I stated above, I'm looking for a pop punk, punk, alternative, and indie tones. Paramore, The Kooks, My Chemical Romance, Death Cab For Cutie, Fall Out boy, (old) Panic! at the Disco, The Academy Is . . . , The Wombats, etc.
I would also recommend the Vox for that sound you're going for (based on the bands you listed). I owned a 112 VK, as well.
i've owned a vk as well. too dark sounding for pop punk
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Well, it looks like Vox is a winner. I'm definitely going to play the Vox before buying it, and see if it's worth it. My friend has a Peavey Valveking, though I forget if it was a 112 or 212. If I remember correctly, I liked the gain, but it just seemed a bit bare-bones and dark for me. More like a metal amp. I'll let you know what I think of the Vox as soon as I play it!