I am just beginningto play guitar I am looking for a decent amp for around 150 to 250 dollars any sugestions. i am looking for a amp for just playing. I dont plan on doing any gigs. Im looking for a good metal amp
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What type of music do you play?
Also, what will you use it for? Gigging or bedroom use?

If you're just jamming alone in your bedroom, maybe something small like a Vox AC4TV. It's got the nice tube tone for a cheap price.

However, if you want something for gigging, maybe a Peavey Vypyr would be your best bet. That or a Vox Valvetronix. Both are modelling amps and get a variety of good sounds for people on a budget.
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What type of music do you play?

This. Thread is useless without information


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Vox VT or Roland Cube. Done.


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