im really bored right now so, im wondering what your guys think the best drama/action movie ever is. Id have to say my 2 favorites are Green Street Hooligans, and American History X. What about everyone else?

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The Unforgiven.

guys, fight club wasnt the best movie ever. it was good, but not best movie ever material.
I have no opinion on this matter.
I'm no one to judge what was best, but my personal favorite was Fight Club.

Overdone, I know, but it's a classic.
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the departed is also really good and pulp fiction. Hell I love the kill bill series too
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not to mention herbert from family guy will touch you in your sleep
Goodfellas bored me. It was one of those movies that I wanted to like but I just...could not.

Speaking of Children of Men, I just saw that newer one with Clive Owen, The International I think it was. Pretty decent. The unexpected ending really just does it for me I guess.
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Children of Men

This man speaks the truth. Fantastic film. Completely redeems Alfonso Cuaron for making Harry Potter.
Lethal Weapon.

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snatch is awesome. so is lock stock, or for more brutality; rise of the footsoldier
die Hard!!!!
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Die Hard!

yippie kai yay!
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Die Hard!

yippie kai yay!


1-4 = solid gold shit worth watching
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The Departed
American Psycho
Fight Club
The Butterfly Effect
America History X
Session 9
Suicide Club
Godfather Trilogy

could think of more..
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The Godfather II

You best be trolling.

I'm going with Terminator 2.
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