That didn't answer my question properly. I know all that, but don't they operate the same in terms of precise tuning? Say if I wanted to tune to drop C or B or A for that matter.

DTR2k v.s DTR1k

Don't close the thread please.
inb4 the close

just get a ****ing handheld tuner

EDIT: but if you insist, yes they will both tune to different tunings. I don't see what you missed from the original thread, the first reply explained everything
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That was covered in the 'chromatic' bit. It will work for all tunings as long as you're in the right octave.
Okay, FFS I don't want a handheld tuner. I've owned and lost them all when touring. IDC about them, i'm asking a SIMPLE question here. Seriously, which is preferred for a rackmount and road reliability. and can the DTR1 tune chromatically instead of just EADGBE?
Are you serious? Can the damn tuner RACKMOUNT tuner such as the DTR1000 tune to drop C, B, or A.

Yes, or no?
OK, look. It says chromatic in the first reply to your post. I said it was chromatic. You didn't ask a single one of those rackmount or reliability questions anywhere, so you don't get to piss and moan when nobody says anything about them.

You get one more thread. Try to be nice. Ask questions. Use your words.