hey everyone

I'm building up my pedal board so I knew I was going to have to buy a lot of little cables to connect all of my new pedals (patch cables I believe they're called). So as I was looking at a few different options I realized...I have no idea what I'm looking for!

So I have a few questions

1 - what patch cables should I get?
3 - besides the patch cables i'll have to buy at least one other longer cable to connect my pedal board to my amp, which kind should I get?
3 - Should all of my cables be the same type (brand), or is it alright to mix different brands?
4 - how can I tell if the cables I have now are any good? I have a standard monster cable and then a couple of other ones that seem alright, but I'm not quite sure.

also (for the tech savvy) what should I be looking for in cords? I've done a little research, but I'm not the most technically savvy when it comes to electricity, so please dumb it down for me haha.

I'm sure most people would just say to try out different cords and see what I think when I compare them, but I would really appreciate your advice on here!

I play mostly indie, experimental, post-rock, progressive, rock! (i'm not sure if this matters)

I'm trying to spend as little money as possible, but I'm also willing to make a slight investment if it's really worth it!
Id suggest that if you know how to use a solder iron, order some cable and make your own. You'll save alot of money and you can make whatever size you want. I just bought 27' and 12 jacks for $45.00

1. Any, a few with 90* jacks
2. Any, not toooo long
3. Doesn't matter, yes
4. Monster is a good cable

A few popular brands: Livewire, Planet Waves, Mogani, DiMarzio and Monster.
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so you said yes, as in it does NOT matter?

and no i can't use a soldering iron...yet..haha

thanks again!
You could buy the GeorgeLs set you dont need to be able to solder just be able to operate wire cutters with those. And you can make then just as you want them vs a premade set up that has to be twisted etc to get it to fit. You can mix brands, but you do want to use quality cables everywhere. 1 crappy patch cable can defeat the point of buying monster cables, or other quality brands, everywhere else.
I use Hossa 6" jacks throughout the board, and a few 8" links to boot. Ive heard a lot about using high quality cables, and Im sure that it makes a big difference. I havent heard much of a tone loss with my setup. The Hossa cables were cheap too, not as cheap as a do it yourself job, but cheap enough.
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Lavacable.com they have their own make-your-own cables and mogami cables. Both are really good. All my patch cables are mogami. My cable from board>amp is monster and gonna order my mogami cable from guitar> board soon.
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You can also get the straight jack-jack connectors if you don't need to much room between pedals (ie you have small feet or some effects are always on/off together).
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