KAILASH KHER Live-In-Concert

The rocking “Allah ka Banda”-Kailash Kher, is coming to your city on this Sep 12th 2009,6pm on……Get ready to rock with his mind-boggling music………..The man who has the magic to tie the strings of your soul with the strings of God’s by playing the magical music creating the aura which brings down the heaven to earth……So get ready to vanish in the Heavenly Abode….Come together for a noble cause to help in Rehabilitation of the Dejected people of our Society by the everlasting music by Kailash Kher….Is there any happier and better way of helping the helpless??? Run for your part of contribution to the society………Join us at the Kailash Kher Live in Concert at Palace Grounds, Bangalore. Book your passes online at www.ticketflare.com or call on to 9663821583.
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