This is another new song me and my band will more then likely be doing, I've decided, instead of going into new scales and keys, I'll just do a lot more technical stuff in the key and scales I'm comfortable in, and this is one of the first products of the new mindset.

EDIT: In the .Zip file is 1 Guitar Pro, but in the Guitar Pro file are 2 songs, song 2 starts where it says "New Song Enters"

Mix 2.zip

Yes, poop.
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The intro reminds me of All that Remains, which is good. Wanna see or hear the fast sweeping parts played live :P
I think if bar 35 is the chorus, you should have stayed in that tempo, not to break it up in b36. the breakdown needs some correction in rhythm i say.

anyway, nice song.

crit mine?
moments, in the sig.
Intro is awesome. Easily my favorite riff of the song. It's great.
Drumwork is fantastic
13 is nice and happy
Both solos were great
45 was also really cool.
I'd leave a longer break between 56 and 57

The rest is the same riffs so i'll stop there

Really nice job. My favorite of your songs to date.
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