This is a song I wrote earlier this evening. I'm calling it "Cover Your Tracks" for now, but the name may change once I write some lyrics for it.

Cover Your Tracks (YouTube Link)
(The quality is pretty crappy. Just a heads up.)

There's a spot in the song where the audio kind of stops for a split second. That's because I messed up the ending and had to re-record that part and splice it together.

Comments, either here or on the YouTube page, are always greatly appreciated.

And, as always, C4C rules apply.
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I like it. Very mellow. Didn't sound particularly sad to me until the ending, but that might change once you've got vox - are you gonna repost it then?

edit: crit mine pls? [thread]1167859[/thread]
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I like it too... very good chord sequences, could make a very nice song with correct arrangements of other instruments... in other words, this is my kind of music!

Try adding some unusual instruments in background doing some unusual things... to make it stand out from the rest of the songs out there.

A very good foundation, hope to hear more from you!

Plz comment on the midi tracks on my page... are they good enough to record? If not, what could i improve on?