I recently bought a AXL Badwater I usually opt for the better brand and sounding guitars but I really like the way this one looked and decided to buy it and build it up! I play mostly country and alternative no metal. How would you guys go about building up this guitar to make it a mean sounding guitar I would like to keep it under $500 let me know what yall would change.
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http://www.aamps.us/axl-guitars/axl-badwater-as820.html (I got the brown one)
I use a line 6 spider 3 but from what I read on here thats not such a great amp ooops!!

you would be correct. it's pretty much terrible if you haven't tested out any other amp yourself...
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Fair enough anyway first port of call I would be looking at the nut and tuners and bridge to make sure that they are replaced with good hardware. And then I would concentrate on the sound but seeing as how you are getting a mesa boogie maybe you should wait for that first and then decide on which pickup you really want.