I'm looking for a distortion/overdrive for the Blackheart Little Giant i'm gonna get soon.
budget-about 80 bucks,and i play mostly punk,alternative rock, hard rock and a little grunge and metal.
I know that some people hate them but i love them so im gonna suggest a Boss DS-2 it handles punk,grunge,hard rock,alt rock its great and really nice to play plus if you get the foot switch with it it has a great solo turbo. As far as metal goes IMO the best would be The LINE 6 Uber Metal.
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yep ds2 is the one
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i suggest you buy a overdrive(maxon/ibanez ts9 or similar) or the boss one, cause there's not much point of buying a tube amp if you are gonna use it with a dist pedal.
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DS-2 is great,but get yourself an overdrive to drive the tube amp.
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