I am still learning to play and practicing everyday do you guys find it easier for a begginer to learn to play on a aucoustic or strat I have both I was which one I should use for practicing on?
Use both. An Acoustic will build up you finger strength faster because the string are harder to push down, and will give you better technique because stuff like H.O's P.O's are harder to do on acoustics. The start will give you good m uting technique, especially if you play with distortion. Mix it up.
Whichever one you feel like playing and keeps you motivated.
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I would say to practice on the strat, mainly because the strings are going to be alot easier on your hands if you are only starting out. Also things like string bending will be hard to practice on an accoustic.
Some beginners find that acoustics turn them off from guitar playing because they are hard work.... So I'd say play the electric for a while and see how ya go...
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Whichever one you feel like playing and keeps you motivated.

this is all that really matters
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