Hi guys

im currently stuck between 2 wah pedals. I will purchase these wahs from a friend of a friend . The 2 wahs are:

Jim Dunlop Slash Signature Wah £89
Jim Dunlop 535Q Wah £99

I just would like a few questions answered

What wah would be better suited to playing metal?
What wah is better for clean playing?
What wah is more versatile?
Finally, which wah is a better performer overall?

AND ALSO, i will be changing my amplifier, so please dont start suggesting amps

thanks guys
The 535q is the most versatile. Both could handle metal pretty well with the adjustable gain. The 535q is probably better on cleans as it has the most tone control. Id say for just £10 extra the 535q is worth it and i dont know if it's 'better' but it will certainly handle more tones.

EDIT: Also, if he is a 'friend of a friend' maybe your friend can arrange with his friend that you try both before you decide??? Just a thought.

And while i think about it (this isnt a real problem, but hey) in terms of setting up, the Slash model is more user friendly, two chunky knobs and a switch on the side - 535q has a switch on the side, one chunky knob and two inconvinient ones that are tiny on the other side that dont feel particularly sturdy. Not a great difference and id still recommend the 535, but im just warning you.
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The 535 is extremely versatile so I'd go with that before the Slash model.
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Cant arrange with freind of a friend

what wah is better for playing metallica style leads?