Great sounding,and playing Mustang from 1965.

I will include a fender tweed bag, and post for free to uk. but will cost more for overseas.

Open to offers on it.

It has a 1965 neck stamp, the pick ups were changed in the seventies (so I was told) and the body refinished in the 70`s as well, although I couldnt tell, and nobody else does either, but in the neck pocket there is some blue, so I guess that was its original colour.

The Guitar is fantastic,and a good buy,any good offer will be considered, would consider a trade as well.


Where are you located?

And would you consider my Mesa/Boogie Express 5:25 for your Mustang plus some cash?
I am not allowed to list my ebay item details, and would prefer a trade to a sale, which is why I listed it here
I have an Orange amp, ex name band one, so I dont need another amp at the moment. Although would consider a vox.
I notice this on flea bay too, but you cant say its a scam cos of that.....

One thing I did notice is the pickup is differect. Pic's on here show it with a JB junior or similar and other pics show a single coil....
If anyone wants to come and try it, I have a room in Leicester, at a recording/rehearsal room, with an Orange valve and pedals etc. so feel free to pm me to arrange a viewing